WE are ordinary people like you  and everybody , since  school days , we already interested in learning Feng Shui ,it almost 20 years already from now, We have met some masters of Feng Shui , some is very skillful , some is not , finally we met Mr. CP Tan .After a few occasion ,  we started follow him to learn Feng Shui .  During that period  , we  followed him to check Feng Shui of individual houses , offices , factories ,and sometimes we have to go the cemeteries.


As Mr. CP Tan is  a quite low profile person , so the way he do things is to act as a normal people and try not to do thing special or funny way to attract people.


This is the attitude that we like  , so we follow to be low profile in doing things. We think a lot of you also naturally have a tendency to act low profile .As such is not so attracting people. Anyway  , we enjoy the life to be in that way.


Out of the techniques we learned , some is very effective to bring in the improvement , some are not , some will take a long time(may be longer than what we can personally observed) , some will quickly make improvement , some improvement is very great and some improvement is very minor.


It is very important that everyone who practice the Feng Shui theory to observe it themselves the effect , or improve it , as we had been told by our master , he only can teach me the theory, other than that ,depend on our own initiative to explore.



If anyone want to ask , is Feng Shui a really technique/teaching which can bring good things to people? Our conclusion is , depend on you personally.


Anyway ,  if one day you have acquired the effective Feng Shui tips , try to act humble , and try not to use it to hurt people. Because the Feng Shui side effect will hurt you too in the long run. If you use Feng Shui in a good way , in the long run , you will benefit  from it.


Hope all of you good people can live a harmony and happy life.